Saturday, December 29, 2018

How to Walk Worthy in 2019

I feel something inside me changing. I’m not sure what it is or what it will look like yet. But I want to share it – to help others find the same abundant life. This word study that I have been looking into – “peripateo axios” (Walk Worthy Eph. 4:1, Colossians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:12). Circumferential and fully encompassing of every area of life with a center axis point at which everything else rotates. So, to put that in English: each area of my life (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, mental, hormonal, etc.) finds its anchor point in the person and work of Christ and in the purpose of bringing him glory by being intimately connected to him in each and every moment. Decisions are made, actions carried out, fruit produced in the strength of and for the glory of God alone. Optimal health for his glory. Optimal growth for his glory. Optimal outreach for his glory.

It would be easy to hold off on the “start” of this journey until I can really lose weight – I’m halfway through pregnancy, so that’s not happening anytime soon. Or part of me could easily fall into self-striving in an attempt to find this ideal in every area of life. But that’s not what my heart is being summoned to at this point.

In the old Testament, believers in the promise and followers of the Torah were instructed to give a tenth (a tithe) of their first fruits toward the growth and development of the temple. Many today, still follow that principle in their finances, but what would it look like to take that a step further? We are told that our bodies are now temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). What would it look like to invest 10% of our time, energy, and focus each week to provide for the growth and development of where the Holy Spirit resides? We are the church – are we at optimal performance for the glory of God? Is my body, mind, and heart functioning at a point that I can fulfill the will of God? That’s the whole purpose of walking worthy – that we may be fully pleasing to Him in every way.

In my current state, can I be the wife or mother God has called me to be? In my management of stress, nutrition, fitness and rest am I living in such a way as to optimize time, energy, and focus for the things of God or am I more likely to be self-indulgent in my food, activities, and entertainment choices? Just some questions I’m pondering as we approach this new year.

I want 2019 to be different. I want to start now - taking steps toward finding that deeper communication with the Holy Spirit on a moment by moment basis so that whether I eat or drink or whatever I do, it can all be done for the glory of God.

Wanna join me? A journey like this will look different for each person, but I’d love to share mine and hear what God is teaching you as you venture down this road of walking worthy of the Lord.